Greentec International – Think Recycle

Greentec is working to become the leading provider of electronics recycling solutions. They help their clients recover value from e-waste, while complying with all information security and environmental legislation. Products shipped to Greentec can be recovered for reuse, or securely destroyed, and recycled.

The Think Recycle program (a fundraising division of Greentec) allows members to earn funds by recycling electronics. Members of the program receive funds for the recycling of cell phones, laptops, iPads and cartridges. Think Recycle members include well-known charities, schools, sports teams, clubs, businesses and large enterprises.

Blend Creative Studio is happy to work with Greentec and Think Recycle on this worthy cause and program. Recycling and reusing e-waste keeps these electronics out of landfills where they contaminate the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we grow. We are proud to create posters, flyers, collection boxes and containers, handouts, e-blasts and newsletters, websites, and educational programs that help get the message out, and assist with changing the way we think and recycle.