• The advantage of coming full circle

The Blend Network

Most agencies offer the same set up, only with different people. At Blend Creative Studio, we’re different. Decidedly so! We call it the ‘full circle approach to communications’ and it goes like this…

1. 360 degree perspective
Most agencies see what they want to see; the project close at hand. Whatever you give them and nothing more. Not us. We take a step back and we take a longer, harder look. We’re not afraid to ask questions, turn over a few rocks or get our hands dirty. We’re all about solving the problem at hand, yes, but we do it through the perspective that we have to see the situation as your clients and prospects see it. And they see it from all sides. From over and under. And even through. All round, all the time. 360 degrees, and then some.

2. Spiralling into control
Let’s face it, sometimes things take a turn. They go south. Even Plan B doesn’t always work. When things are spiralling out of control you need to get in control. And quickly! Reversing the downward spiral, at Blend Creative Studio we salvage what we can and toss out the rest. We build up where others may have fallen down, and we do it mightily fast. Not so fast that your head will spin—you’re queasy enough as it is—but fast enough that the damage can be minimized and the negative impact marginalized. Attempting a second ascent after falling off a steep mountain, most people react wrongly and start climbing straight up in order to make up for lost time. We don’t; we circle the mountain, climbing in a spiral. We rise up into the clouds with certainty and sure-footedness. We spiral into control, and as a result we make it to the top.

3. A new twist
Look at our work. Really look. It’s different. But more than simply different, it’s unique. It’s memorable. Or “rememberable” as we like to say. Because if your prospect can’t remember seeing it, it isn’t worth its weight in invoices which may be more creative in their accounting than in the work you’re actually paying for. To be sure, our creative is always creative, but our accounting never is.

4. The ripple effect
A smart logo leads to a full stationery suite. And then to a brochure. And website… and then some. But rather than conceive of these as standalone items, Blend Creative Studio considers the ripple effect of ALL your communication efforts regardless whether or not we created them. The ripple effect of your combined work—your complete brand—is what we’re all about.

5. Circles of influence
So far, so good. But it doesn’t stop there… there’s more to Blend Creative Studio than meets the eye. Through LinkedIn and Facebook we’re connected, sure. We all are. But we’re connected most where it matters most; in face-to-face relationships with some of the best and brightest bulbs ever to radiate brilliance in our sector.

Photographers, writers, illustrators… and more. Programmers, strategists and event planners who can do what we do, but maybe just a wee bit better. Better because we guide them in their work on your behalf. Better because we add value every step of the way. And better because for you, we’re the only one you need to call. That’s right, we take care of everything.

Our circle of influence includes agency owners, creative directors and specialists who are often too busy and out of reach. But not to us. Why? Because we’re happy to share, because we allow their cream to rise to the top and because we finish what they may only be able to start.

In the end, it all comes together.

Seamlessly. Seriously!