A KD Favourite: World’s First Colour Film

Saw this and thought of our resident film buffs Ali and John VanDuzer right away. Very cool. Predates me by about 74 years and my baby photos were still black and white!   “There is not much of a plot – goldfish in bowl – but the scene and others from the same rolls of film were

A KD Favourite: The RGB Colorspace Atlas

Very cool! This is a gorgeous book I’d love to have on my coffee table: The RGB Colorspace Atlas.   The RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach is a massive tome containing digital offset prints of every variation of RGB color possible. For you designer

Happy Birthday Tracy!

Happy Birthday to the holder and protector of our sanity!

A KD Favourite: Cats with Thumbs!

Here at Khamis Design we can’t get enough of the Cravendale ad campaign, despite our lactose intolerance! We’ve got our eyes on you kitties!    

Inspirations: Baskerville

What inspires you? We’re bombarded with images and ideas on a daily basis, but only a select few really stick with us, inspire us to create, design or see something differently. Here at Khamis Design we’ve all got our favourite ways to re-energize and, not to overuse the w