Blend Creative Studio

Welcome to Blend Creative Studio!

The evolution continues… Khamis Design is now Blend Creative Studio! But don’t worry, it’s only our name that’s changing and it’s a name that better reflects who we are and the full range services we offer. As Ali likes to say, “it’s not just

Happy 5th Anniversary Khamis Design!

Wow! Do not challenge the Khamis Design team to a bowling tournament. We are HORRIBLE! The heat was not on! But what wasn’t horrible was the absolutely fantastic day of celebrating our 5th anniversary at Khamis Design, and the 1st anniversary of Fiscal Performance. On a bright a

Happy 4th Anniversary Khamis Design!

Holy cow! We can’t believe it’s been a month since our 4th anniversary party! Where has time gone? What do you mean Christmas is next week? Did we start shopping yet? What year is it? Where are we? 🙂 On November 2nd we had the absolute pleasure of celebrating not only our
Happy Victoria Day!

Happy May 2-4!

  We hope this long weekend is full of adventure, enjoyment, relaxation, and laughter! Khamis Design will be closed on Monday, May 19th, but back at it again on May 20th. See you then! ~ Ali, Tracy & Lynn 🙂