You asked, and we did our best to get it out of them!

One of the highlights of our recent event was the Pellar Estate Winery Icewine Marshmallows. Seriously, how many of us went back for seconds, thirds, fourths….

Well we tried our best to get the recipe, but as it’s a signature product for them, we could only squeeze out the base recipe. But that just means we’ll need to get together and experiment, and drink much Icewine!

A few words of caution: Please note this recipe involves very hot molten sugar/caramel, it is very dangerous if you handle it improperly and we would hate for someone to get severely burned, please be use caution and protective equipment (oven mitts/clothes, long sleeve shirt, apron, jeans, closed toe shoes, etc while making).


Marshmallow Recipe

  • 79 grams Gelatin sheets
  • 527 grams water (water 1)
  • 176 grams water (water 2)
  • 1650 grams white sugar
  • 412 grams corn syrup
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Icing sugar (to dust with)


You will need:

  • A mold of some kind, this recipe can make enough marshmallow for a baking sheet 18” by 13” by 1.5-2” thick
  • A stand mixer
  • Protective equipment (long sleeves, jeans, oven mitts/towels, a sturdy apron)



  • Separate sheets of gelatin and mix with water 1 and set aside to bloom
  • In a large pot mix water 2, sugar and corn syrup together, stir to combine
  • Over medium heat bring the mixture to a simmer and let cook until a temperature of 252 degrees Fahrenheit
    (121 degrees Celsius)****Molten sugar/caramel is exceedingly dangerous and can severely burn you if you are not careful, please exercise caution, and make sure you have an apron and other protective equipment when proceeding from this step****
  • Pour hot sugar mixture over the bloomed gelatin (This will cause it to foam and expand a bit, be sure to use a large enough bowl to mix in) in a stand mixer and whip with the whisk attachment on medium speed until cooled slightly
  • Turn mixer up to medium high speed and whip on medium high speed until thickened and semi stiff ribbons form, turn speed to medium low and add in vanilla extract to your liking
  • Pour marshmallow into a mold that is lined with plastic wrap and sprayed with non stick kitchen spray
  • Let cool on counter (do not put in refrigerator) for minimum 4 hours before cutting, to prevent sticking together after cutting dust with icing sugar