Everyone needs a little downtime and creative inspiration, and what better place to recharge the design juices than at Boldt Castle.
Built as a tribute to to his wife, George C. Boldt began construction on their summer dream home in 1900. Not a single detail or expense was spared, and like all great “designers” every inch was planned out!

Since the purchase in 1977, buy the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, millions of dollars have been applied to rehabilitating and restoring the great castle’s structures and beauty. We spent the day gazing as the stunning stonework, gardens and every child’s dream playhouse. A true testament to the hard work and vision of some 300 workmen and craftsmen.
Plus, the relaxing boat ride in and out is a great way to start and end your day!

We plan on making these trips around Canada (and then the world!) a yearly event – no better way to inspire creativity then to experience it first hand.