The countdown is on! In just a few days we’ll be moving into our new home!

And as the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter (it appears to be LED) we wanted to share our new office’s journey.

Phase 1 A started mid-December with framing and the realization that this is really happening! Everyday it seemed a new wall appeared and what was originally a simple paper plan started to take shape right before our eyes.

January brought with it the start to plumbing, hydro and HVAC. And much dust and noise! Phase 1 – Part B was off and running. The men in trucks descended and the stuff that lives behind our walls started to take shape, and pound holes in our cement floors. And everything was covered in a lovely layer of dust, so you couldn’t tell where the snow stopped and the dust started.

From mid January to end of the month, through the dust and noise a light started to shine. Well, the cabling and cords leading to it anyway. It’s fascinating to be on the other side of a build and see just what goes into it, and what’s behind in your walls.

February brought with it cold air, snow, more men in trucks, and all the little things you don’t think of.

We got ceilings and floors, and bathrooms with fixtures, pot lights and wall lights and even more dust. Seriously where does all the dust come from?

We’re down to the wire (and baseboards and final coats of paint). Can’t wait for the next steps. The final steps!